Programming samples

Below are programming samples (and, in some cases, links to sites) I have created over the years. These represent a small selection of my work.

Quantum Tiger Games and Extreme AI
Quantum Tiger Games' site designed for my AI and games company. Extreme AI is a personality engine designed to give game characters realistic personalities that change and develop over time. The code for this (and the games and demos listed on the site) was in C#. These projects are ongoing.

The Telecommunications Virtual Museum
Designed for the Telecommunications History Group and the TVM partnership, 2004-2006 (and ongoing). It can be found at I was the site designer and programmer, from initial ideas to creation of logo, site, etc. I implemented an updated version of my search engine (written variously in PERL and PHP, with MySQL as the database) to create a searchable set of pages for this intensely informational museum. Hand-coded in lovable Notepad!

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine
Web site designed and programmed for Penumbric, 2002-2004. I wrote the code for a small shopping cart, including calculation of sales tax and discounts, in addition to a fairly extensive site archiving up to two years worth of issues for this bi-monthly magazine. The magazine is now defunct, but I have electronic copies available for reference.

These panoramas were created to show off two very different types of buildings--Shelterdome's airhalls (vast temporary or permanent structures for indoor sports or other applications) and a historic, marble-floored telephone company "palace." The 360-degree pano shows the airhall from within, demonstrating its utility as well as its structure. The lobby pano for the phone company building only shows about 180 degrees (the rest would have been the doors and wall), but shows a floor-to-ceiling view to get the building tour off to a great start. (Note that I also created the other panos in the building tour, both in the 14th floor museum.) For the phone company building, I both took all the photos (over 80 for the lobby alone) and stitched them into a usable panorama; for Shelterdome, I did the stitching using the client's photos.

Apartment in Alghero web site
A clean, simple site for a flat in Sardegna, in English and Italian, designed to look like a postcard. A MySQL database keeps track of days available for the next year, and the client is able to log in and change availability as desired. Includes several slideshow views of the interior. Created in 2009.

Archives Month web site
Site designed and programmed for the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists (SRMA), 2004, 2005. I was also the creator of the posters for those years.

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